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Carer Friendly Communities

About Carer Friendly Communities

Forward Carers is committed to creating Carer Friendly Communities.

About Carer Friendly Communities

Carer Friendly Communities opens the eyes and hearts of our communities to the lives of Carers and Parent-Carers, who are our neighbours, colleagues, friends, and relatives.

Organisations, businesses, health care trusts and individuals will not only recognise and understand everything that Carers do to keep our families healthier and happy together, but they will take practical steps that will make a positive difference to a Carer in order to brighten their day a little.

Together we can make a difference, together let’s create
‘Carer Friendly Communities’

The scheme works across 3 levels:

Carer Friendly

This level represents those businesses who recognise the Carer Friendly Card

Carer Aware

These organisations have systems in place to support their workforce who are balancing work and care. Staff have undertaken the Carer Awareness training.

Making a Difference

This level represents those organisations who have shown a real commitment to supporting carers both within the workforce and community.

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What does Carer Friendly Brum mean for me? Learn More

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