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Becoming a Carer can be a gradual process with many people not recognising the changing nature of their relationship with the person they support.

What does Carer Friendly Brum mean for me?

When a community is Carer Friendly, the places you go from the hospital or workplace, to the ‘high street’ shops and beyond – will be a place that recognises Carers and treats them like a VIP! This means that when you’re out and about, whether at work, the shops or socialising, others will make life a little easier for you – perhaps take more time to assist you, offer a discount on a coffee and cake, or a smile and chat. Sometimes it’s the simple things that can make a difference.

How will we know if a place is Carer Friendly?

Look out for the Carer-Friendly Brum logos below…..see this and you know they recognise Carers. We have 3 levels of carer-friendliness:

Carer Friendly

These places have taken small steps to brighten up a Carers day. If they are a shop, café or public facing business they may have signed up to offer a discount or benefit as a small token of recognition, they understand the importance of the caring role and want to do something to alleviate its impact.

Carer Aware

These places not only understand the importance of helping Carers, including employees, they have taken positive steps to making the community ‘Carer Friendly’. This may mean they hold a regular carer group; they may organise awareness events during Carers Week or Carers Rights Day and they may also have a Carers Champion to support those employees who are also Carers.

Making a Difference

These places are going the extra mile to make a real and tangible difference to a carer’s life; they are fully committed to recognising the value Carers bring to the community. They have made a change to their usual way of doing things or made a public declaration that they are supporting Carers and/or made a financial contribution that will make a difference to Carers.

As a Carer you will have come across lots of businesses, shops and individuals that are already going out of their way to support Carers just like you. Maybe your employer understands your needs to find a balance between working and caring and is flexible in allowing you to take the time to care when needed. Why not nominate them for a Carer Friendly Business award.

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Carers Card

Forward Carers launched a Carers Card at the end of last year as part of our mission to create Carer Friendly Brum. We want to raise the profile of Carers so that they are recognised and valued in the community. This photo ID card is a visible sign that you are a Carer and includes emergency contact information reassuring you that in the event of an accident, the person you care for will receive the help they need. The card is available to Carers who are registered with Birmingham Carers Hub, if you are not registered, just sign up here or call 0333 006 9711.

You will be able to use the card on the ‘high street’ where you see Carer Friendly Brum logo (1 heart logo) this means that the shop/business recognises and values the commitment you have made and have made small changes to support you better, this could be a discount in the shop if you show your card. You will be able to find out which shops are signed up to offer discounts or benefits below.

Get Your Carers Card

Discounts and Benefits

Through PerkJam we are providing free exclusive access to hundreds of perks, discounts, and freebies from big-name brands and local businesses. PerkJam allows carers in Birmingham to have access to hundreds of perks, discounts, and freebies from big-name brands. It can be used in a variety of ways and can benefit everyone. We believe offers and perks like this can really help alleviate the some of the pressures placed on carers.

Please note some of these discounts are only available ONLINE. For ‘High Street’ based offers please ensure you select the ‘LOCAL’ category

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