Money and Finance

Being a carer can create a financial strain, but there is support available. Find out about the types of financial support you are entitled to.

Carer’s Allowance

is the main benefit for carers. If you look after someone for 35 hours a week or more, you may be eligible for this.

Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

is for anyone who is looking after a child under 16 years old with additional needs due to a health condition or disability

Attendance Allowance

is for those aged 65 or over who have a long-term illness or disability.

Benefits for Carers who are Working Age

There may added benefits for carers who are of working age that may be received in addition to or instead of Carer’s Allowance

Benefits for Carers who are Pension Age

Is for carers who are no longer working age, this can be in addition to receiving a state pension

Universal Credit

Is a new type of benefit that is being gradually introduced to replace several already existing benefits

Direct Payments

Are financial support that you can request from your local authority if you feel like there are not the right services in place for your caring requirements

Tax Credits and Child Benefit

Is a partial or total exemption from paying tax or additional benefits for carers who are working and/or have dependent children.


Are designed to help people in need. Across the UK there are thousands of awards and grant schemes you can apply for.

Help with Health Costs

Is for those who are on a low income and/or are receiving certain means tested benefits (listed above). This can help to cover the costs of prescriptions, dental treatments, eye tests, travel, and more.

Discounted TV Licences

Are available to anyone aged over 74 years old, anyone in a residential home who is disabled, and also for those who are severely sight impaired or blind. You must apply for a TV license if you intend to watch or record programmes as they are broadcast.

Housing Benefit

Can help with rent if you are on a low income.

Council Tax Relief or Reduction

Is for anyone who owns or rents a home and has a low income and/or is receiving a means tested benefit.

Help with Fuel Costs

Is to help people pay for their gas and electricity in the home. It may be available to you if you are over a certain age and/or are receiving a means tested benefit. Receiving payment help for fuel costs does not affect your eligibility for any other benefits.

Things that might affect your eligibility to receive financial support:

Benefit Cap

Is the limit on the total benefits that any non-working household can receive

Bedroom Tax

Is placed on working aged people who live in houses which have, according to the Housing Benefit Size Criteria Rules, too many bedrooms. This may restrict your ability to receive housing benefit.

Work Focused Interviews (WFI) or Work Focused Activity (WFA)

If you receive Income Support or Employment and Support Allowance you may be asked to attend work focused interviews or activities. As a carer, you may be able to challenge or exempt yourself from this.

Help with financial support for when things don’t go right:

If you are struggling with your finances as a result of your caring situation, Carers Trust and Carers UK are a great source of information and advice.