Unsung Heroes

The Unsung Heroes Campaign

The Unsung Heroes campaign, led by Forward Carers, is to raise awareness and celebrate the role of family carers across Birmingham. The campaign is part of Ageing Better in Birmingham and funded by The Big Lottery Fund.

Unsung Heroes aims to emphasise and amplify the role of the carer and illustrate that they are not a homogeneous group – their experiences of caring and social isolation are as diverse as their personal circumstances.

We are also celebrating Carer Friendly Businesses as part of this campaign, to nominate and to find out more please click here.

What we want to do

We want all carers in and around Birmingham to know they do not need to be isolated because there is help, services and recognition they are entitled to.
Unsung Heroes aims to improve carer wellbeing and keep families together by raising the understanding and awareness of the carers’ experience for both carers and professionals.
We are hoping to leave a legacy through raising awareness of the issues that carers face and ensure that all services, activities, employers, organisations and institutions are ‘carer-friendly.’

Case studies

Each carer has their own experience and we are hoping, by sharing their story, that this will show others they are not alone. It might feel like it sometimes, but there is help and support out there for those who ask.

Sylvia’s story

Sylvia is our first Unsung Hero, read her journey here.

Carer’s Voices

Listen to our #UnsungHeroes share their experience of caring. They have some great tips and advice to tell you. Just click on each image to listen to the short clips.













Latest Unsung Heroes News

Share your Unsung Hero Story

We are seeking Unsung Heroes from across the city, so they can tell their story. We want to champion their commitment, dedication and selflessness. This is an opportunity for carers to emerge from the shadows and be celebrated as the heroes they really are. We want to give them a voice.

Adjacent you will find a contact form. Here you can share your experience of being a Carer. Feel free to express it in any format you wish, from poems to short stories or even images and quotes.

We cant wait to here YOUR experiences!

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