Who am i to you


“Who am i to you?”

To the school I am “one of those” or the parent with knowledge that can always be handy. A question here to help another or a look there confirm my presence when paperwork or transition season is upon us.

To other parents in the crowd I am a mystery wrapped in an enigma and my children even more so but every so often finding a fellow carer nodding with a smile of support as we both are fighting the good fight.

To health services I am a wonder of information about my child and the professional help that they need that is always asked

 “How are you doing?” knowing the answer that I want to say is “In need of sleep” but “Fine” is what comes out.

To researchers around the world I am a confidential serial number that helps them try and meet need in an ever growing and changing world. A number that contributes information to the research cause with the occasional sarcastic “extra information” every now and again.

To the council I am professional through experience who should know everything about a system I never designed as well as everything about my family and how the two meet in the middle. Sometimes successfully and sometimes not.

To my child’s one to one I am a source of strength and light with the question always coming “How do you do it?” with the response “One day at a time.”

To admin and reception desks across the country I am the nagging voice on the end of the phone that will not leave without a result. I’m sure I am more persistent than a PIP advert but you know its coming from a place of love for my child.

To my friends I am a memory at the end of a social media wall. Long forgotten invite needed but no one knows why. “The kids come first” is always the reason but an explanation is always missing as understanding of why would never come.

To my partner I am the rock, the one that is organised and the one that always smiles. The rule being you take care of me and I will take care of everything else but let’s face it stubbornness wins that argument for not happening.

To fellow carers who show me so much compassion and understand I am another fighter, a warrior and, at last case scenario, a good wine adviser as sometimes a glass is needed. My Google foo research for contact details and charities isn’t bad either.

But who am I to you? The one that I care for. The one catalyst as to why I am to who I am in this world of Sen.

At the end of the day when I tuck you in to bed, to you I am and forever will be simply your mom.

With all my love.