Caring for Carers Dementia Support Groups (in partnership with Crossroads)

We are pleased to announce that Birmingham Carers Hub is now offering support to those who are caring for someone with dementia through a partnership with Forward Carers and Crossroads.

Crossroads brings vast experience and expertise of running dementia carer groups in Birmingham, having operated four weekly dementia support groups (called DISC) in Harborne, Handsworth Wood, Sheldon and Sutton Coldfield for the past eight years.  Support groups are currently suspended, but help is still available.

If you are struggling with trying to explain Coronavirus and social distancing to someone with dementia or you need advice and support, contact our Caring for Carers Dementia Group Coordinator.
Call Barbara on 0121 803 1065 or drop her a line on e-mail:


FREE Dementia Training
As part of this new service, Carers will also be able to access FREE dementia training to suit where they are on their individual caring journey. A greater awareness of dementia and the support available can help you and your family to deal with the everyday challenges that you may face.

There are five different training modules for Carers to pick and choose from. Here you will find a summary of the dementia modules, under the current circumstances these will be delivered via Zoom to a maximum of six people. Each session will last no longer than an hour and a half and will be delivered by Val who has over 16 years’ experience in the field of dementia, plus first-hand experience of caring for her mum who had dementia. You can complete just one or two of the modules that interest you, or you can complete the whole course, the choice is yours. The online training will be delivered on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, as you will see below, so you can choose your training topic, day and time.

To book, click on the training topic below.


Take a look at the Caring for Carers Dementia Training Timetable and book your place! If online training isn’t for you, Val can go through the modules with you individually over the phone.

To find out more about the training available call 0121 553 6483, option; 7 for Birmingham Dementia Training or call 0333 006 9711.

Caring for Someone with Dementia During the Pandemic
The number of people calling the Dementia UK helpline has risen by 44% during lockdown. One common question asked is, how do I stop the person I care for from leaving the house? Dementia UK has some really useful tips in this leaflet. However, if none of these methods work and your loved one insists on leaving the house, assess the level of distress this would cause; it may be better to go for a short walk following social distancing advice, return home followed by thorough hand washing. With activities and support groups suspended and other forms of respite and help reduced or ended, Carers are at risk of burning out due to the demands of caring 24/7.

Dementia UK makes a valid point for all Carers,
“It can be useful to think of looking after yourself as a Carer as a bit like giving first aid, or putting the oxygen mask on during a flight emergency: look after yourself first, so that you have the strength to look after those around you.”

Alzheimer’s Society has put together five tips to benefit your wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic and Dementia UK has some very good advice in their leaflet – Looking after yourself when you care for someone with dementia, during the coronavirus outbreak which you may find helpful.

Things to do to stay occupied 

  • ChatterPack has a great list of free, online, boredom-busting resources!
  • Play dementia friendly games and activities
  • The Alzheimer’s Society has suggestions for digital and online activities for people living with dementia as well as activities in and around the home

Registering with us is easy!

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