If you live in Sandwell, then Home from Hospital Sandwell can Help.

Our Welcome Home volunteers will visit you in your home for up to six weeks, free of charge and will:

  • Stay for a friendly chat and offer practical advice
  • Help with shopping
  • Sit with you and give your family a break if you have a vulnerable adult
  • Arrange a handyman, plus more!

Contact our Co-coordinator to find out more:
Phone: 0121 472 4499 (Mon – Fri: 9am to 4pm)

Request help from Home from Hospital Sandwell

Currently, Home from Hospital Sandwell can extend this free service to all  families with a vulnerable adult in Sandwell, regardless of any hospitalisation in a bid to keep families safe and well. Just complete this form, select what support you need and click submit.

    Support from Home from Hospital Sandwell

    If you live in Sandwell and need some support, please complete this form and select what help you need. Once the form has been submitted the co-ordinator will contact you to make arrangements.

    Free food parcelAccess to small white goods, such as a microwaveAccess to a tablet device with WiFi to help you stay connected with family and friendsHelp with collecting prescriptionsHelp with shoppingA sitting service to give your family a quick breakA befriending service with practical adviceAssistance with filling out formsAssistance with appointmentsProvide home safety adviceSignposting to other support services

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    Carers Support Services Currently Available in Sandwell as of November 2019

    If you look after an adult, please contact the Council’s Sandwell Enquiry service on 0121 569 2266, or email to ask for information and advice.

    As a carer, you have the right to ask for an assessment of your needs for support as a carer – which can often be completed on the telephone. You will be offered information and advice, or you can talk to the social worker who works with the person you care for, or if you need more support or more specialist support you will be directed to other services and support on offer – including local voluntary organisations listed below and local carer support groups.

    If you look after a child with a special educational need or disability under 18, contact Sandwell Council’s Children with Disabilities Team on 0121 569 5616.

    Your carer’s assessment is a chance for you to tell the Council about your needs and how we can support you as a carer. A carer’s assessment is free of charge, and it can be the first step towards getting the support you need.

    You can ask for a carer’s assessment if you provide unpaid emotional or physical support to family members or friends and you feel you need some support. If you provide care under contract or as part of voluntary work, you would not normally be regarded as a carer.

    If you provide or intend to provide care for another adult and you need support, the Council will carry out a carer’s assessment. If more than one person provides care to a family member or friend, all carers are entitled to an assessment.

    You can have a carer’s assessment even if the person you care for has refused an assessment themselves. You could also be eligible for support in your own right whether the person you care for has eligible needs or not.

    You can also find up to date information on carers services by visiting:

    A list of commissioned Carer support services in Sandwell can be downloaded here.