The carers support service in Wolverhampton is delivered by Wolverhampton Council. The carers’ team provides information, advice and support for carers including:

Carer’s Assessment

Benefits advice including council tax discounts
As a Carer there may be benefits, such as Carers allowance that you are entitled to. The person you care for may also be entitled to benefits that you may not be aware of. During your carers assessment you will be offered advice and support about the benefits you may be able to claim. You should always get advice when putting in claims as sometimes claiming certain benefits can have an impact on the benefits of the person you care for.

  • Signposting to other support services
  • Emotional support for you as the carer

Emergency care for your loved ones with a Carer Emergency Card
Carers are offered an emergency card once they have had a Carers Assessment so that if the carer was in an accident or emergency the card would identify them as a carer and a contingency plan can be put into place.Carer Awareness Training online course
The team offer Carer Training, for example First Aid Training and IT sessions.

Wolverhampton also provides a carer support online course. This training is designed to help carers understand who carers are and what they do. You will also learn about the support available for Carers in Wolverhampton. The course will also look at the legal rights of carers and will explore the types pf needs they might have

Information about breaks for Carers

The team provides a City Carer magazine and monthly bulletin for carers and also organises activities and information awareness events during Carers Week and Carers Rights Day.

To find out more, contact Wolverhampton carers team:

Wolverhampton Central Library, Snow Hill,

Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday:

Tuesday/ Thursday:
2.00pm – 4.30pm

(excluding Bank Holidays)

Web: wolverhampton.gov.uk/
Phone: 01902 553409
Email: carer.support@wolverhampton.gov.uk