Flu Jabs

As a Carer, you might be concerned about you or the one you care for falling ill as the weather turns colder.

Free flu jabs for carers

Flu is a common viral infectious illness that is spread by coughs and sneezes. It is often associated with the winter months, but it can be caught all year round. The main symptoms of flu can be extremely unpleasant and they usually last about a week. However, flu can often leave you feeling tired and wiped out for much, much longer.

Occasionally with flu further complications arise like developing a serious chest infection. This is more common in people who already have a weakened immune system, such as those with certain long term medical conditions, and/or the elderly and frail.

The good news is that annual flu jabs are available to protect you and your loved ones better against the effects of flu. Flu jabs are free for people at a higher risk of catching or developing more serious complications with flu. This includes anyone over the age of 65, pregnant women, children and adults with long term health conditions (speak to you GP to find out if you or the ones you care for qualify for this), and they are also free for Carers.

That’s right, flu jabs are FREE for Carers.

Talk to your GP to find out more, or look at the NHS choices page for more information about preventing yourself from catching flu, the best way to treat someone with flu, and how to get your free flu jab.

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