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Whether you’re new to caring or have been supporting someone for a long time, you’ll find a range of resources to support you. You’ve told us what’s most helpful for you – relevant information and advice and the chance to connect with others who understand, in a time and way that fits with your life. Find out more and join the online Carer support community, below. 

Carer Friendly Information

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FIND OUT all about the caring role  

Are you wondering if you are an unpaid Carer or do you want to know more about the caring role?  Find out answers about some of the key questions about caring, including how to manage your own health and wellbeing, information on welfare and entitlements, how to stay safe from harm, and more.  

Carer Friendly Chill & Chat Sessions 

Sometimes, all it takes it some time out for yourself to relax and a chat with others to really uplift our day. Some days we do the lifting and other days we’re the ones looking for some support. Carer Friendly Chill & Chat is an online group for unpaid Carers who want to take some time out to relax whilst connecting with others. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never taken part in a virtual group before (or even a face-to-face group), we’ll give you a hand to get started and to make sure you feel confident. If you just want to turn up and find out what it’s all about, that’s fine too. It can feel daunting joining something new – but we’re sure you’ll be pleased you took the plunge. Click below for our Guide to Getting Online for help joining the group. Or, just give us a call and we’ll talk you through how to take part

Top tips and Toolkits

We’ve worked together with Carers and ex-Carers like you to come up solutions to a range of common situations Carers face, including health and wellbeing challenges, managing difficult conversations, setting up a Carers support group or planning for a care emergency. Our Top tips and toolkits provide useful advice and guidance from those who have been through similar situations and come out the other side. We hope you find them helpful.  

What If Plan 

It’s important to take some time to think about what would happen in the event you were suddenly unable to carry out your caring role. A ‘What If’ plan is a document where you can write down everything about the person you care for and their needs and preferences. In the unfortunate event that something did prevent you for being about to support your loved-one, it acts as a guide for those who step in to provide care. You can view this example ‘What If’ Guide here to help you complete your own contingency plan using this ‘What If’ template. Make sure your place it somewhere that’s easy to find such as a noticeboard or fridge, so friends and family can easily access it. Many local authorities or Carers organisations have an emergency service that will step in to cover care in the event of an emergency, as long as you are registered in advance – contact your local support service to find out more.  

TRAINING to support you 

There are lots of free and discounted courses for Carers, designed to support you in your role and help you build your life outside caring too. 

It may be that you would like to find out more about a certain topic to support you in your caring role or that you would like to get back into work or even build confidence and try something new. Take a look at some of the free training and awareness opportunities available to you. You can also find online courses available which can be easy to fit in around caring.  

Digital Inclusion Training

As the world moves online, do you feel like you’re missing out on communicating with family & friends or accessing support and information?

If you are an unpaid Carer, or know somebody who is, and want to improve your skills and confidence online whilst meeting others, this is the course for you.

Even if you, or a Carer you know, is unsure how to switch a device on we can help open the door to the following new skills:

  • Contacting people via email
  • Joining video calls
  • Using the internet
  • Booking appointments
  • Accessing services online, and more…

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Dementia training

If you’re caring for someone with Dementia, our partner, Dementia Carers Count’s Virtual Carers Centre is a great resource. Their range of live online learning sessions covers a wide range of subjects, from understanding the impact of different types of dementia and strategies that can help, to how to look after yourself as a Carer.

Are you a Commissioner?

If you’re a Commissioner or local care provider interested in creating a digitally inclusive Carer Friendly Community, find out how we can support you on the About Us page. Or email us at carerfriendly@forwardcarers.org.uk.