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Carer Friendly Workplace Training

The right support for working Carers can help you retain your best staff, improve sickness absence and reduce recruitment costs. Our Carer Friendly Workplace Champion training and corporate in-house support can help you create a Carer Friendly workplace where all staff can thrive.

Carer Friendly Workplace Champion Training

We recommend all organisations have a trained Carer Friendly Workplace Champion to support colleagues who are balancing work and an unpaid caring role.

Who is it for?

If you’re passionate about supporting the working Carers amongst your
colleagues, have good listening skills and want to help create positive
organisational change, this is the course for you.

Using our RISE model of supporting working Carers, you will learn how to: 

Raise positive awareness of Carers across your workplace 
Increase identification of Carers in your organisation
Signpost Carers to support
Empower Carers to make positive changes 

Undertake this training to find out about the challenges facing your colleagues juggling work and unpaid Carer, discover practical techniques to support Carers across your organisation and help to create a Carer Friendly culture in your organisation.  

Course content:
Weekly 3.5 hour session, for two weeks 
Costs: £125+ VAT per person

Please email carerfriendly@forwardcarers.org.uk for the next available dates

Corporate Carer Aware Training

Are you an employer who wants to improve your understanding of the needs of your staff who balance work with an unpaid caring role? The Carer Aware training will raise awareness of working Carer and help you to understand the culture and practices needed to retain your staff.  

Training is delivered by our trusted partner RightTrack Learning who have been designing and delivering high-impact training solutions for more than three decades and are specialists in building truly inclusive workplaces 

Course format: Can be delivered in house or online 

Cost costs: 

Costs available upon request as we will work with you to design a training course that serves your needs, whether that’s a whole day, a half-day, a one-hour webinar or anything in between.

Find out how a Carer Friendly workplace helped these Carers and businesses:

Want to find out more about how workplace training can help your business?    

Join our 30-minute interactive discovery session where we’ll cover the business case for Carer Friendly workplaces, share top tips and easy wins to help working Carers thrive through our Workplace training offers, and show you how you can gain your Carer Friendly Commitment Mark, certifying you as a Carer Friendly Employer.