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About Us

We’re an award-winning not-for-profit, Community Interest Company and have been empowering Carers to live fulfilling lives since 2014. Our mission is to create Carer Friendly Communities where everyone can play a part in improving Carer wellbeing.

Our Values Shape Everything We Do


We create Carer Friendly Communities, places where Carers can achieve their potential in all areas of their life and work.


We place Carers, families and their networks at the heart of what we do, involving them and listening to their feedback.


We measure the impact of our support, so we know that our services are effective and valued.


We believe the best outcomes for Carers are achieved by working in partnership that can meet the varied needs of our diverse communities.


We seek to reduce inequality and through our work, we will leave the community and our planet in a better place.

Carer Friendly In Your Area

We’re on a mission to create Carer Friendly Communities across England. Are you a local care provider or Commissioner of Carer Support services? Get in touch to find out how we can work together. Whether you want to make your area Carer Friendly, wish to block purchase the Carer Friendly ID card for registered Carers or run annual Carer Friendly Business Awards – let’s talk about how we can help you create communities that make life better for unpaid Carers.  

How We Work in Partnership to Improve Carer Wellbeing.

Our expert team is experienced in running a wide range of Carer services and programmes of work. We partner with statutory, non-profit, corporate, and healthcare bodies to deliver innovative Carer support that has real impact. Read about some of our services in action below.

Meet Our Ambassadors

We are incredibly grateful to our Carer Ambassadors for their valuable support and input helping to shape our practices, providing the voice of experience and playing a central role in certifying Carer Friendly Employers.

Meet Our Team

Find out about our team members.

Awards & Recognition

Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Forward Carers is an inclusive organisation. We seek to ensure equality of treatment and opportunity for all, from the Carers we support, to our staff, volunteers and the wider community, regardless of background and across all personal characteristics outlined in the Equality Act 2010. 

We welcome and support Carers from all backgrounds and our services are accessible to anyone within our service remit. We are committed to treating all Carers equitably and, further, we believe that unpaid Carers should be added to the list of protected characteristics outlined in the Equality Act 2010. We measure our service take-up against local population demographics to ensure we are supporting the needs of all Carers representatively.  

Our staff and corporate policies provide a framework to help us meet our equality goals across our service delivery, staffing and recruitment. If we identify improvements we can make to further promote equality of opportunity, we are committed to implementing them swiftly.  

We believe celebrating diversity and difference makes us a stronger organisation, community and society. 

We are committed to cutting our emissions. We will cut our emissions to net zero by 2030. We will share our progress on an annual basis.