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Carers play an AMAZING role supporting their families, and their community!

But you are more than just a carer. You are an individual, and a human being, who deserves just as much love and support as the people you care for.

Under the pressure of caring for others, it can be all too easy to allow your own wants and needs to fall to the bottom of the to-do list. As a carer, it can sometimes feel impossible to find the time to focus on your own health and wellbeing. And yet, as a carer, it is vital that you remain healthy and happy for the sake of those you support.

We’re here to help you. Your health and happiness is always worth making time for, even if that just means taking a few minutes in the day to refresh and recharge.

Not convinced that making time for yourself should be a priority? Read these 5 recent health findings to find out why…

Carer Wellbeing Research

  • Carer burnout is the primary reason that family members are admitted into care homes, rather than it being anything to do with the dependent’s physical or mental condition.
  • Carers with depression or dealing with feelings of overwhelm and helplessness are more likely to admit a family member into a care home.
  • The top concern for most ageing parent-carers is the worry of who will look after their children once they, as the parents, have passed. Whilst educating yourself on the options available can be great, what can be just as effective in giving you peace of mind is learning how to trust and let go just a little, finding time for your own wants and needs, as well as thinking about your child’s.
  • A child’s wellbeing is always affected by the wellbeing of their parents. The health and wellbeing of children with additional needs can be hugely affected by stress, so it’s essential that as a parent-carer you take time for yourself to lower emotional stress levels.
  • When older carers are stressed, or have problems dealing with stress, the dependent is at greater risk of falling, developing medical issues such as pressure sores, and suffering from decline in general heath.

Your health and wellbeing is vitally important, not just for your own quality and enjoyment of life, but for those who depend on you too.