Birmingham businesses are being urged to be more “flexible and supportive” as figures have
shown more than a third of UK carers have quit work because of their caring role.

To mark Carers Week 2019, the carers support service Forward Carers, wants to make
employers aware that some carers may be struggling in their job and small changes could
make all the difference to their workforce.
According to an annual survey, compiled by the national organisation Carers UK, 35 per cent
of carers have resigned from their job when they became a carer and a further 10 per cent
reduced their hours to fit in with their caring duties.
In a bid to raise awareness and encourage companies to support their workforce who may
also be in a caring role, Forward Carers has launched the Birmingham Carer Friendly
Business Awards.

Simon Fenton, the CEO of the organisation said:

“The awards programme is a fantastic way
to promote the importance of supporting carers in the workplace and to engage with
businesses across the city.
“We want employers to know small changes can make a big difference to people who are
trying to hold down a job and continue with their caring responsibilities. We know that if
companies allow flexible working and are supportive towards their staff who are also carers,
then this will reduce sickness absences, increase productivity and ensure they have a happy,
contented and motivated team in place.”
“The awards are for businesses across Birmingham which have contributed to supporting
carers in their community and/or workplace. We are looking for organisations and
individuals who are carer friendly and regularly go above and beyond in their support for

Jo Whiting, who lives in Quinton, was recently faced with quitting her job in favour of homeeducating seven-year-old Levi, who has sensory processing issues and was deeply unhappy
in mainstream school.

The Community Development Worker said:

“Quitting my job was the only way I could seehome schooling work for Levi and I was gutted about leaving. But when I spoke to my bossshe couldn’t have been more supportive. She made it very clear she didn’t want me to goand they’ve adjusted my working pattern and made small changes which means I can fulfilmy working obligations.”

Forward Carers was launched to make a real difference to the lives of people caring for
older frail people, sick or disabled friends and family members.

Nominations for the Awards will run until August 5, 2019, with the winners announced in
To submit a nomination, click here.