It is estimated that there are around 107,380 carers (that is 1 in 8 people) living in Birmingham.
Birmingham City Council and Birmingham NHS want to improve the services provided to carers across the city.  In order to inform our carer’s strategy, we have six commitments that we believe will help us to provide better services for carers of all ages.
1 – Recognise and respect the value of carers.  (This includes adult, parent and young carers).
2 – Build a carer friendly city
3 – Support carers to be physically, emotionally and mentally well
4 – Support carers to financially plan for today and tomorrow
5 – Promote carer friendly employers
6 – Support young carers through childhood and education
We’d like to hear what you think about what actions and ideas you’d like to see developed as part of our citywide carer’s strategy to meet these commitments.
To allow us to link your ideas to a commitment please include the number of the commitment you are referring to when posting an idea.
This dialogue will be open for ideas and comments until Monday 7th of May 2018.  This will allow us to make sure all ideas and comments are reflected in the overall strategy.
So please share your ideas and comments, your views are really important for us to provide better services for carers of all ages