Younger and Older Generations Reaping the Benefits

Global Intergenerational Week

During Global Intergenerational Week (24 – 30 April 2023) all things intergenerational are celebrated where different generations connect through conversations and activities. Connecting young people with older people is something our Delivery Partner, Kissing it Better does all year round.

Kissing it Better is a charity working to end the isolation of old age by bringing the generations together. This is a perfect match, as older participants enjoy the company of others, get to share their experience and memories with the younger generation who in turn benefit from learning new skills.

The winning combination helps to improve young people’s confidence, communication skills and self-esteem. Kissing it Better has been an approved activity provider for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for many years by providing a training course and volunteering opportunities for teenagers. There are a range of intergenerational activities each week that are online.

How does this relate to Carers?
Unpaid Carers can also tap into the Kissing it Better programme. It is not just older people who can feel lonely and isolated, these feelings are frequently felt by family Carers who often have to give up work to be a Carer or have to significantly reduce their time spent socialising with friends.

The online sessions are great for Carers as you don’t have to have your camera on if you don’t want to, you can choose to include the person you care and you can join for a few minutes or stay for the whole session without judgement.

To find out more, watch this two-minute film clip.

There is a timetable of sessions each week so hopefully there is something that you can join. To receive the timetable along with your Zoom access each week, signup to Kissing it Better’s newsletter here.

Once you are signed up, you will be sent a Zoom link and password that will work for all of that week’s sessions.