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Huge benefits to be gained for Businesses and communities that recognise and support Carers

Unpaid, or family, Carers are people who provide care for a loved-one who is elderly, frail or has a disability and who couldn’t manage without them.

Supporting Carers makes business sense – Carers save the economy over £132 billion each year and with 1 in 8 adults in the UK in a caring role, Carers have significant purchasing power.

14% of the UK’s workforce also carry out an unpaid caring role outside of work. With the peak age for caring between 40 – 60, these are your most experienced staff. Each year over millions of Carers give up work due to the demands of balancing employment and their Caring role, at a significant cost to themselves, the economy, and your business.

Carer Friendly Communities Business

Organisation, community, and local authority benefits of the Carers Card

  • Allows you to easily identify and support the Carers in your workforce / community
  • Provides the Carers in your workforce / community with access to support and services to maintain their wellbeing
  • Organisations that offer discounts to Carers will open the doors to the 1 in 8 adults who are Carers
  • Helps Carers feel valued and recognised, helping to reduce social isolation and loneliness
  • The Carer Friendly Card demonstrates the holder is a registered and verified unpaid carer, giving them access to
    support, services, and discounts.

Carers Card benefits for Carers

  • Photo identity proving the holder is a Carer (All applications are subject to verification prior to approval
  • Enables organisations to recognise the Carers within the workforce
  • Identifies the Carer as having a voice in conversations regarding the person they are caring for
  • Gives access to discounts and benefits to carers in acknowledgement of this contribution
  • Provides emergency contact details, and lets blue light services know that someone relies on the card holder for support
  • Helps to raise awareness and understanding of what it means to be a Carer.

The Carer Friendly Card is part of Carer Friendly Communities, our programme to embed support for Carers across the community, with benefits for all.

If you are a business or local authority and want to connect, engage with and support Carers in your area, click here to find out about the benefits of Carer Friendly Communities to you.

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