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Becoming a Carer can be a gradual process with many people not recognising the changing nature of their relationship with the person they support.

Carer Friendly Business

What’s the benefits to businesses?

Carers will prefer to continue identifying primarily as a husband, wife, partner, sibling, parent, child, or friend, rather than as a Carer and that’s okay. However, we want to ensure that everyone in a caring role is valued in their community, and that the places we go and the people we meet increasingly recognise the amazing role our of Carers.

Carers often become engulfed by competing demands, including work and family, and as a result may overlook their own needs. Raising awareness of Carers may enable more people to seek support and help at an early stage and therefore delay when caring situations breakdown due to crisis. We therefore want your help to raise awareness of Carers, perhaps you employ people who are in caring roles or fail to recognise that some of your customers may be family Carers. Working together we can support you develop carer-friendly policies for clients, customers, or staff.

What are the benefits?

  • You will receive FREE advertising and promotion in our directory.
  • You will receive FREE ongoing support.
  • You will receive a FREE welcome pack including a free window sticker showing you are part of the scheme, along with social media and website banners.
  • You will deepen your understanding of employers who may also be Caring, reducing costly staff turnover and increase motivation.
  • Ticks the wellbeing box to support employees who are caring.
  • Great way of demonstrating your Corporate Social Responsibility.
    You can get involved with events organised by Forward Carers.
  • You will become part of a community already supporting unpaid Carers.
  • You will reach new customers and potentially increase your business.
  • You could WIN a Carer Friendly Business Award.

Carer Friendly

All organisations, businesses or groups are invited to join the Carer Friendly Community – a space where we come together to show our support for Carers. We only ask that you find a way to value the Carers in your community by offering a small token of support such a discount, benefit or even a friendly chat to Carers who present their Carer Friendly ID card. Apply Today

Who is this level for?

  • Customer focused business.
  • Community Centre.
  • GP / Health Centre.


  • Supply of promotional materials such as window stickers.
  • Advertised on Forward Carers Website and Social Media.
  • Attendance at your information/ awareness days.
  • Access to Carer Awareness Training.


This is free to join.

Carer Friendly Employer

The Carer Friendly Commitment Mark for Employers helps employers to improve, or evidence, the support they offer to the Carers in their workforce. With the right support, your staff will be happier, healthier and better able to balance their work and caring commitments. Carers make up 1 in 7 workers in the UK. Can you afford not to support them? Apply Today

Who is this level for?

  • Anyone who employs staff members


  • Reduce staff absence
  • Improve retention of staff
  • Improve staff morale
  • Staff training to become Carer Aware
  • Access to a dedicated network of support, webinars, and access to our members only section on the website.
  • Access to online discounts and benefits for staff who are Carers.


£350 annually.

Making a Difference

This level is awarded to those organisations who have shown a real commitment in supporting Carers across their community. This could include. • You have positivity changed your service or business delivery and/or co-design which recognises Carers. • Commitment of sponsorship, financial contribution and/or voluntary hours given to support Carers. • Winner of a Forward Carers ‘Carer Friendly Business Award’ Apply Today

Who is this level for?

Anyone who employs staff members


You will be recognised as a leading example in supporting Carers both within the workforce and local community.

Giving you:

  • Better brand recognition.
  • Positive business reputation.
  • Increased sales and customer loyalty.
  • Operational costs savings.
  • Better financial performance.
  • Greater ability to attract talent and retain staff.
  • Organisational growth.


This level is awarded following recognition of achievement.


  • 1 in 7 of the people you meet in your workplace goes home to caring duties
  • 3 in 4 Carers do not feel their caring role is understood or valued by their community
  • Carers save the economy over £132 billion each year, an average of £19,336 per Carer
  • 2 in 5 Carers are balancing work and caring
  • 38% of all Carers reported that they had given up work to care and 18% had reduced their working hours
  • 7 in 10 working carers (71%) have felt lonely or isolated in the workplace as a result of their caring responsibilities.
  • Over four out of ten (43%) working carers felt that colleagues and managers did not understand the impact of caring and 38% had not felt comfortable talking about their caring responsibilities at work; and
  • Nearly a quarter (23%) of carers received no support from their employer

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