Carers Week is a time to recognise and celebrate the incredible contributions of unpaid carers in our community. From saving the economy millions to providing essential care for loved ones, Carers play a vital role. This year’s theme, “Putting Carers on the Map,” aims to raise awareness about the challenges they face and ensure better support for their needs.

Here’s how you can get involved online if you are unable to attend in-person events.

Online Carers Coffee Catch-ups
Connect, share and find support with other Carers by joining a Carers Coffee Catch-up with our partner Kissing it Better on Mondays and Fridays (10.30am – 11.30am) or join an evening session on Thursdays (5.00pm – 6.00pm).
Register to join here.

Or you can email or call 07831 136152.

Online Discovery Session
If you juggle paid work alongside your unpaid caring role, find out about the NEW Carer’s Leave Act at this free online event.

Forward Carers is commissioned to support Carers in Birmingham, Walsall, Wiltshire and Dorset. Click on the relevant area to find out what’s going on near you. If you live outside of these areas, take a look at Carers UK’s Carers Week website.