Forward Carers CIC is an award-winning, social enterprise and Community Interest Community. Our mission is to create Carer Friendly Communities, places that empower unpaid Carers to thrive in all areas of life and work. We’re delighted to say that you can now apply for funding to deliver new projects that support unpaid Carers in Birmingham to achieve positive wellbeing outcomes.

We are commissioned by Birmingham City Council, Birmingham Children’s Trust and Birmingham and Solihull ICB, to deliver Birmingham Carers Hub,  a partnership of not-for-profits we’ve brought together to deliver support and services for unpaid Carers in Birmingham.  As part of the Birmingham Carers Hub contract, Forward Carers is commissioned to run a Carer Projects grants scheme.

Key information:

  • Applications opened on 23 June and close on Friday 28 July (midday).
  • Funding is available for projects lasting 12 to 24 months.
  • Projects can request funding of between £10,000 to £25,000 per year of the project.

We are looking for project in the following priority Carer categories:

  • Support for Carers from LGBTQI+ backgrounds
  • Support that improves Carer mental wellbeing
  • Support for young and sibling Carers
  • Bereavement/ Pre-bereavement support for Carers
  • Support that addresses Carer health inequalities
  • Support that benefits ‘Oher Carer groups’ not included above (evidence of need to be provided by applicant

What we’re looking for:

  • We want projects that offer something new and do not duplicate existing services/ provision, including projects that provide specialist or tailored support for Carers who are underserved. Although, you may apply to deliver existing types of support to those who don’t traditionally access this support, perhaps due to equality, diversity or inclusion issues, if you can demonstrate you are the right organisation to deliver this and to engage with these Carers.
  • Projects that will help Carers in two or more of the following Carer Outcome Domains: Health & Wellbeing; Relationships; Home/ the Environment; Diet/ Nutrition

Feeling Safe; Other Family Commitments; Financial situation; Work, Education and Training; Time Out

  • Projects that are clear about who they will support and how they will meet the Carer Wellbeing Outcomes and demonstrate evidence of positive change.

You don’t have a history of working with Carers, should you apply?

Your organisation may have a history of success delivering services to Carers perhaps outside of Birmingham and wish to expand that support to Carers in Birmingham so they can benefit, or you may be delivering support to other groups of Carers or to other family members and wish to expand your support to meet our priority areas.

Birmingham has a thriving VCSE sector and we know that there are large numbers of organisations who are already deliver fantastic support and services to families and individuals with needs. If you have a history of delivering support to people in Birmingham who rely on family members, friends or neighbours (i.e., unpaid Carers) to support them in their lives, you are likely to have a strong

You can find the full information on our website at Carer Projects Grant Fund – Forward Carers or apply direct at

Before you apply, why not read our top tips below:

10 Top Tips for a Successful Grant Application:

1. Allow plenty of time:
Review the eligibility questions and application form in advance, it will save you time. You can find our application at Carer Projects Grant Fund – Forward Carers. This is for review only and you must submit the application on our online system.

2. Design you project before you start your application
Don’t design as you go. You will be able to write with greater clarity, consistency, and speed if you know the full project details before you start writing.

3. It’s good to talk
Talk to other people in your team, talk to your potential beneficiaries, talk to other services. Is your project duplicating or improving upon existing support, is it the right support for the right group of people.

4. Consider applying in partnership
You may experience greater impact if you deliver in partnership and combine your strengths. But, this isn’t essential and you have to make sure you have the right partner/s if you do.

5. Clarity and conciseness
The word count isn’t a target, it’s a maximum! Reviewers may be reading a lot of applications, make it easy for them to score yours highly by clear and concise explanations of your project.

6. Stay focused on impact
Be clear on what difference will your project will make and why that is important. Don’t just focus on the problem.

7. But… tell a compelling story
Grant funders are people and we want to connect emotionally to what it is you are trying to achieve.

8. Think value for money
Although cheapest absolutely doesn’t equal best, think about whether you have any match-funding that will make the project go further. Reflect on whether the number of Carers and / or the change you will deliver is commensurate with the funds you are requesting.

9. Find a critical friend
Have your application reviewed by someone who doesn’t know the project – can they follow it, is it clear, does it showcase you to the best of your ability, are Carers at the heart of your application?

10. Don’t miss the deadline!
It happens! Don’t let it be you. Remember, the deadline for Forward Carers’ Carer Projects Grant Fund is Friday 28 July (at midday). Visit, Carer Projects Grant Fund – Forward Carers

      You can also find more great hints and tips at How to write a charity grant application | Resource Hub | CAF (