Reflecting on South Asian Heritage Month
As we celebrate South Asian Heritage Month, it provides us with an opportunity to highlight the diversity and richness of cultures that make up our communities. Here in Birmingham, Forward Carers is fortunate to be a part of a vibrant and interwoven community. This year’s theme of ‘telling our story’ is particularly poignant as it allows us to reflect on our past, present, and future.

Supporting Carers from the South Asian Community
Forward Carers has won contracts with Birmingham City Council and Walsall Council to manage and oversee Carer Hubs, which provide support for unpaid family Carers. Our data shows that many Carers that we support in Birmingham and Walsall are of South Asian heritage, so we have developed relationships with particular Delivery Partners with a diverse workforce to provide personalised support.

These Delivery Partners reflect the communities they serve and can speak in a variety of community languages to ensure that Carers feel comfortable to ask for help and receive the support they need. We are committed to supporting Carers from all backgrounds, and we believe that by embracing our diversity, we can create a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Welcome to Anjum Khan
In February this year, Forward Carers welcomed Anjum Khan, director of Asian Business Chamber of Commerce (ABCC), as a non-executive director. Anjum has first-hand experience being an unpaid family Carer and was impressed by the service she received from Birmingham Carers Hub. She hopes to encourage members of the Asian community who may be less likely to access support services to seek help.

Patrons of the ABCC
In June, we announced our patronage of the Asian Business Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) to widen our reach and support to Carers who live in our diverse city. This move is expected to encourage more businesses to recognize and support the needs of Carers in the workplace. This is an important step towards promoting diversity and inclusivity in the business world, as well as providing more resources and support for those who need it.

Chantell Marler and Anna Smith from Forward Carers presented a Carer Friendly Commitment Mark quiz at the ABCC’s Networking Eid Celebration on 12 July. The quiz aimed to encourage the audience to think about their workplace and whether it provides any support to family carers (excluding parents of children without disabilities). The questions were designed to prompt delegates to consider the challenges faced by Carers and how their workplace could better support them.

Congratulations went to the winners Bluebird Care Birmingham East & North who already recognise and support employees who provide care for their family members, whether it be for health, personal, physical, emotional or domestic reasons.

Chantell Marler, Head of Service said,

“It was great to see so many people engaging in the topic of carer-friendly workplaces. It’s essential for companies to recognise the challenges that family Carers face and provide them with the necessary support to balance their work and caring responsibilities. Hopefully, we will have inspired more companies to support their Working Carers and feel motivated to join our carer friendly workplace programme.”

As supporters of South Asian Heritage month, and proud patrons of ABCC, we hope to create a more inclusive society that acknowledges and supports unpaid Carers and embraces all cultures and traditions.

Supporting Carers is crucial, and we believe that every workplace has a role to play in ensuring that Carers are valued, supported and empowered. We look forward to continuing this important conversation and working with organisations to create positive change for Carers.

Find out more about our Corporate Carer Aware Training, the Carer Friendly Employer Commitment Mark and our Carer Friendly ID scheme or email and request an informal chat.