In honour of Volunteers Week, we want to shine a spotlight on the incredible work of unpaid carers who selflessly dedicate their time and energy to support their loved ones. Could this be the single largest army of volunteers in the country? 

At Forward Carers, we are privileged to have some remarkable individuals, both current and ex-Carers, who serve as our Ambassadors, empowering fellow carers and giving them a much-needed voice. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can get involved and make a difference alongside these unsung heroes. 

Volunteer Opportunities: 

Whether you’re a current or past Carer or simply someone who wants to support the Carers in our community, there are lots of ways to get involved. Here are a few ideas below: 

  • Support Programs: Volunteer to assist with support groups, online or telephone support. These services are crucial in providing practical and emotional support to carers. 
  • Awareness Campaigns: Contribute to spreading awareness about unpaid carers’ challenges and rights through social media campaigns, and events – its simple and easy to do, follow our social media pages and reshare our posts.  
  • Skills and Expertise: If you have specific skills or expertise, offer your services to develop workshops or training sessions for carers, empowering them with valuable knowledge and tools. 
  • Fundraising and Donations: Financial support is vital for organisations working with unpaid carers. Consider organising fundraising events or making donations to help sustain and expand the support services provided to carers. Even small contributions can make a significant impact. If you’ve been inspired, you can support us here – Forward Carers ( 
  • Be an Advocate: Use your voice to advocate for carers’ rights and recognition. Write to your local representatives, attend community meetings, or participate in awareness campaigns to raise the profile of unpaid carers and push for policy changes that support their needs.  
  • Spread the Word: Amplify the voices of unpaid carers by sharing their stories and experiences. Use social media platforms, blogs, or local media outlets to raise awareness and inspire others to get involved. By giving carers a wider platform, you help break the isolation often experienced by this incredible group of individuals. 

One of Forward Carers’ main initiatives is our Carers Voice programme. Carers Voice gives Carers a platform to share their thoughts, experiences and experience to help shape current and future service delivery, work with researchers to understand the needs of unpaid Carers and to be a voice, representing Carers during board and partnership meetings. For more information click here.

During Volunteer Week, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the unpaid carers who serve as Forward Carers Ambassadors and volunteers who work tirelessly to give Carers a voice. By raising awareness of the caring role, volunteering, fundraising, advocating, and spreading recognition, we can all play a part in supporting unpaid carers and making a positive impact in their lives.  

Remember, even the smallest act of kindness or support can make a significant difference in the lives of unpaid carers. Let’s come together as a community and give back to those who give so much. 

If you are interested, please get involved.