Here’s some valuable information that might just brighten your day and your outings – free entry for carers at visitor attractions. 

Understanding Your Rights:

If the person you care for must have you with them to be able to use a service (for example, to go to a visitor attraction) then they are covered by the Equality Act 2010

Policies and Perks: 

Every attraction has its own, but a growing number won’t charge you to accompany the person you care for. 

In our mission to promote Carer Friendly Communities, we are adding attractions and venues to the Discount Directory of businesses providing offers or perks to Carers as we identify an existing offer. We are reaching out to these attractions to confirm and clarify their offer and invite them to officially join and promote being a Carer Friendly Business.  

Ensuring Your Rights are Respected: 

Before you go on your next adventure, consider taking a moment to connect with the visitor attraction or organisation. A friendly call or email can go a long way. Make a note of the conversation – who you spoke to and what they said. 

If, by chance, you’re not thrilled with the response, you have options. You can voice your concerns by writing a letter to the visitor attraction.  

Need a little help crafting your letter? The Equality Advisory & Support Service (EASS) has templates for you to use. Look for the “Direct Discrimination Complaint – Services” template in the EASS resources section

Filling Out the Letter Template: 

When you fill out the template, keep it brief and to the point. Clearly explain how the situation has discriminated against the person you care for. If you’re writing on behalf of your loved one, include this sentence: “I believe the person I care for is being discriminated against on the grounds of disability because…” 

Expert Advice at Your Fingertips: 

Still feeling unsure or need more guidance? Reach out to the Equality Advisory & Support Service directly at 0808 800 0082. They’re there to support you and provide the help you need. 

As you navigate the world of caring, remember that you deserve every support and consideration.  

Happy exploring, and may your adventures be filled with joy and free entry!