Family Counselling Service

Welcome Change offer a much needed free and confidential Counselling service for those affected by their loved ones substance misuse.

Who is it for?

Families and Friends, over 18, affected by their beloved ones’ substance misuses and related issues.

Why counselling service?

Do you feel stressed, confused,angry, frustrated while caring for someone who has an addiction problem?Feel lonely and helpless and don’t know who to talk to? Talking to someone neutral and non-judgemental will help you to have your voice heard, which in turn will help you to explore your options, develop boundaries and strategies to cope with challenging situations.

About the counsellor.

BACP registered/accredited and is experienced in working with clients and their families who suffer from substance misuses and related stresses. The counsellor works with clients according to  Welcome Change CIC policy and within the BACP Ethical Frame work which can be found in .

For More Information please contact:

Welcome Change CIC

Mobile: 07983427305