At Forward Carers, we understand the vital role that Carers play in our communities. Whether you’re providing care for a loved one or supporting others in need, your experiences and insights are invaluable. That’s why we’re excited to share an important opportunity for you to make your voice heard and help shape the future of support for Carers.

About Carers UK

Carers UK is the dedicated to improving the lives of Carers. They work to provide Carers with the support, advice, and resources they need. From advocacy and campaigning to offering practical help and guidance, Carers UK is committed to making life better for those who dedicate their time and energy to caring for others.

Why Your Input Is Crucial

Carers UK is conducting a comprehensive survey to gather feedback directly from Carers. This survey aims to capture your experiences, challenges, and needs so that Carers UK can better understand and address the issues that matter most to you. Your participation will provide essential data that can influence policy, improve services, and enhance the support available to Carers nationwide.

As we approach a UK General Election, it is vital that we use Carers’ voices to campaign for change from the next UK Government and from Governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We want to hear your experiences of being a Carer in 2024.

How You Can Make a Difference

By taking a few minutes to complete the survey, you’ll be contributing to a larger effort to improve the quality of life for all Carers. Your insights will help shape the initiatives and resources that Carers UK and other organisations develop. This is your chance to have a direct impact on the future of Carer support.

Take the Survey Now

Ready to share your experiences and make a difference? Click the link below to participate in the Carers UK survey. Your feedback is vital, and together, we can create a brighter future for all Carers.

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Thank you for your dedication and support. Your voice truly matters, and we appreciate your time and input.

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